Chef-Centric, Food-Focused


Elior North America is a Chef-Centric, Food-Focused company committed to creating unique culinary experiences for the people and communities that we serve. We understand the role that food plays in bringing people together in all countries, communities and cultures. The work we do provides us with the ability to nourish, inspire and engage the people we serve with great food and exemplary service.

Our culinary team is comprised of more than 400 chefs driven by their passion and love for all things food. These talented team members are at the core of our business and work hard each day to create great food with responsible ingredients.

Culinary Absolutes

We encourage our Chefs to be creative in the kitchen while being guided by a set of Culinary Absolutes that are aligned with our company’s mission and values.

Scratch Cooking | We use raw, fresh, quality ingredients
Chef Development | We commit to providing our Chefs with access to ongoing learning
Cutting-Edge Concepts | We are innovative and creative with the food we prepare
Recipe Integrity | We focus on taste, presentation and ingredient handling
Wellness | We use our BeWell approach to develop recipes, culinary concepts and client partnerships
CSR | We purchase responsible ingredients through local sourcing and strive for no waste
Safety | We operate safe and clean kitchens
Chef Community | We foster and promote cross-company collaboration

It is our privilege to share our love for food with more than 1,500 clients across the country. Click here to meet our talented culinary leadership team.

Our Passion

Culinary Innovation is an Elior North America ingredient for success and our Chefs look for opportunities to support this each day by leveraging everything from new techniques to test kitchens and onsite gardens. They are challenged regularly to develop new recipes to keep our guests engaged and excited about the food we prepare. We regularly challenge our Chefs to develop recipes with our beloved blueberry! This superfood is a perfect representation of who we are as a company and a healthy eating icon for our BeWell wellness platform; this small, yet powerful fruit is packed full of antioxidants that fight heart disease, diabetes and cancer and improves brain function, particularly memory.

Innovation is at the core of our culinary development process and we are proud of our team’s many achievements:

  • 10+ years managing an all-vegetarian university
  • Developing Puree Creations to help seniors eat more while relying less on oral supplements
  • The Nest to provide a safe dining option for individuals with allergies or diet restrictions
  • Nema Sensors to help our guests with a Gluten allergy or sensitivity
  • Strategic partnerships with well-known chefs including Elior Group’s strategic culinary partnership with Chef Alain Ducasse

Our Chefs are empowered to use their creativity with unique spices, cooking techniques and local sourcing to build a custom menu for their guests. They regularly introduce on-trend recipes, plant-forward concepts, action stations, BeWell choices and food trucks at our accounts. In addition, our Culinary Development Leadership Team closely monitors the latest trends, techniques and ingredients to update our Chefs during our road shows, webinars and regular communications.