Cultural Attractions & Events

We Create Unforgettable Meals for Unforgettable Moments

As a collaborative partner, we work to support the mission and values of the organizations we serve. Our dining programs are created to elevate the overall guest experience with restaurant-quality food, sustainably-sourced ingredients, artful presentations and seasonally-crafted offerings.

Our award-winning catering teams execute events that exceed expectations. With a complete commitment to client satisfaction and the highest levels of service, we create memorable moments for guests. Whether it be a large, extravagant wedding reception or a small, casual get together our catering teams provide detailed planning and culinary excellence to every event.

Our Clients Can Expect

  • A progressive, fun and fresh visitor dining program
  • An entrepreneurial approach to creating special events to diversify visitorship
  • Hands-on, direct and on-going support from our Operations leaders
  • Innovative menus and world-class service at catered events
  • Collaborative marketing support actively promoting our dining and catering services through the channels of print and digital advertising, public relations, social media, communications, etc.
  • Sustainable practices that reduce waste and initiate local sourcing
  • Custom designed dining concepts that create a source of distinction
  • Catering sales tools for prospect management, shared scheduling and banquet event orders

Programs and Services

  • Upscale cafes and coffee shops
  • Multi-station food courts
  • Concessions
  • Award-winning catering
  • Retail gift shops
  • Mobile carts and kiosks
  • Entertainment and event booking
  • Party enhancements

We are small enough to care and have established personal and long-standing partnerships with cultural attractions across the country while being big enough to make a difference with our globally supported resources.

1 of 14 Filet Minon Crostini
Cultural Attractions & Events
2 of 14 Heirloom Carrot and Citrus Salad with Goat Cheese Pearls and Candied Dates
Cultural Attractions & Events
3 of 14 Italian Burrata, ‚Ā†Smoked Trout, Grilled Asparagus, and Pickled Quail Eggs
Cultural Attractions & Events
4 of 14 Vanilla Custard Tart, accompanied by Valencia Orange Sherbet, Salted Caramel Fudge, and Burnt Butter Cream
Cultural Attractions & Events
5 of 14 Beef Tartare
Cultural Attractions & Events
6 of 14 Black Sesame Pain de Genes
Cultural Attractions & Events
7 of 14 Chocolate Raspberry Mousse
Cultural Attractions & Events
8 of 14 Hamachi Tacos
Cultural Attractions & Events
9 of 14 Peas and Carrots
Cultural Attractions & Events
10 of 14 Food with roe sprinkled on top
Cultural Attractions & Events
11 of 14 Tuna and Asparagus
Cultural Attractions & Events
12 of 14
Cultural Attractions & Events
13 of 14 Rose Sangria
Cultural Attractions & Events
14 of 14 Chocolate Dessert
Cultural Attractions & Events