Higher Education & Independent Schools

We Create Food Experiences That Inspire Future Generations

Great education starts with a certain hunger. It’s a drive to learn, grow and make a difference in the world and to seek out the resources and opportunities that will make it happen. Our teams from Aladdin and Lexington Independents know that hunger because we help feed it every day. As a leader in culinary management we believe that, in schools and on campus, a meal is more than food on a plate. It’s about fueling students as they pursue the experiences that will help shape their futures and nourishing the faculty and staff who guide them.

We accomplish it all in the way we know best – by following an authentic recipe. For us, it’s culinary innovation, exemplary service and strong local teams supported by global resources. That means we employ expert chefs on campus to create delicious flavors that will keep students coming back. It means we work collaboratively with campus staff to bring ideas to life and personalize each program to deliver exactly what a school wants, the way they want it.

Our Clients Can Expect

  • A culinary management partner who works with you to achieve the maximum student/staff engagement
  • A comprehensive program that aligns with the goals and culture of your school and local community
  • Quality, fresh, made-from-scratch meals prepared with a commitment to consistency, quality and nutrition
  • A collaborative partnership that supports initiatives to attract, engage
  • and inspire students and staff.
  • Innovative meal programs to care for the body, mind and spirit
  • Ongoing staff training, development and retention initiatives
  • A chef-centric and food-focused company that will work seamlessly with your leadership teams to provide an innovative culinary program
  • An easily accessible online payment system that allows parents to ensure their child always has money for meals

Programs and Services

  • Exhibition Cooking
  • Chef Demonstrations
  • Guest Chefs
  • BeWell Wellness Platform offering Healthy Menus
  • Sustainability and Food Waste Programs
  • Integrated multi-media and digital signage package
  • Custom technology packages for mobile ordering and reducing wait times
  • Allergen Guides
  • 24-7 micro-markets

We understand the wide-range of student populations today, including food-savvy students craving everything from small plates and customizable dishes to dining locations that foster community-building with their peers. Elior North America has the experience and resources to create dynamic programs with more choices and variety that increase student engagement and drive guest satisfaction. We are a food-focused company that will manage all aspects of your culinary management program, allowing you to concentrate on the daily business of education. Because at Elior, we recognize that a meal won’t change the world…But it can fuel the minds that will.

So, if you’re ready to bring a better dining experience to your campus, we invite you to take a closer look at Elior North America and see for yourself what we’re made of.