K-12 School Nutrition Programs

We Believe Every Child Deserves a Great Meal

At Elior North America, we understand the importance of food in today’s schools…Because we’re there every day. As a leader in culinary management we believe that, in our schools, a meal is more than food on a plate.  It’s about nourishing students’ bodies and fueling their minds, providing them with healthy meals they may not get at home and balancing the flavors they want with the nutrition and variety they need.

At Elior, we accomplish it all in the way we know best – by following an authentic recipe.  For us, it’s culinary innovation, exemplary service and strong local teams supported by global resources. That means we employ expert chefs to create healthy, delicious dishes that give students an opportunity to try new foods, prepared from scratch with a commitment to consistency and quality.  And we personalize each program to deliver exactly what administration, faculty and students want, the way they want it.

Health & Wellness

Food has a powerful influence on health and wellness, but we know making the right food choice can be challenging for most students. Willpower and knowledge are generally not enough to overcome unhealthy eating behaviors in environments that do not support healthy habits.

Our solution to this challenge is the integration of our BeWell wellness approach. BeWell is designed to help students choose well when they dine with us. First, we bring delicious and nutritious BeWell menu options to the table. Then, we integrate an evidenced-based behavior change model that helps us shape the dining environment to influence the healthy choice. We also promote food, nutrition and wellness education regularly to nudge students to make positive behavior changes that may improve their health.

Click here to learn more about BeWell in schools. 

Our Clients Can Expect

  • A culinary management partner who works with you to achieve the maximum student/staff engagement
  • A program that aligns with the goals and culture of your school and local community
  • Quality, fresh, made-from-scratch meals that are naturally healthier
  • Sustainability practices to reduce, reuse and recycle, as well as purchase local ingredients whenever possible
  • A collaborative partnership that supports initiatives to attract and engage students
  • Nutrition and wellness programs
  • Ongoing staff training, development and retention initiatives
  • Multimedia marketing support to create an engaging and inviting culinary experience
  • A chef-centric and food-focused company that will work seamlessly with your leadership teams to provide an innovative culinary program
  • Expertise in NSLP standards and meal requirements

Programs and Services


  • USDA compliant menus developed by our team of Chefs and Registered Dietitians 
  • Food and nutrition education programs
  • Farm to School programs and grants


  • Prepacked/Vended Meals 
  • Freshly prepared meals made with whole ingredients 
  • USDA compliant recipes created by Registered Dietitians
  • Smart Snack and a la carte program implementation
  • Food and nutrition education programs

Whether serving students in rural, urban or suburban communities, public, charter or private schools participating in the USDA NSLBP, we are committed to bringing children back to the table to experience fresh ingredients, try new foods and fuel their minds and bodies for the day.  Because at Elior we believe that students’ minds should be focused on learning not worrying about their next meal.  If you’re ready to bring better dining to your school, we invite you to take a closer look at Elior North America… And see for yourself what we’re made of.