Farmers hands pulling radish from ground

We understand that ever meal we serve matters

We believe that food is nourishment for the body and a source of inspiration and connection. This is what drives us to create great food experiences through culinary innovation guided by practices that are better for people and the planet.

Elior North America Food Philosophy

Chef plating food

Creating Food Experiences...

  • Mindful Engagement: We thoughtfully plan every step of the dining journey—from menu development, sourcing, and preparation to our guests’ enjoyment and wellbeing.
  • Supporting Culinary Growth: We never stop learning. Our team builds a culture of collaboration and professional development by equipping our chefs with the resources, training, and support they need to create memorable experiences.
  • Celebrating Connection: Food has immense power to bring people together. We celebrate the expanse of all cultures and flavors, aiming to craft each dining experience with intention and joy.

Salad of watercress, radish and avocado

Through Culinary Innovation...

  • Driving Positive Change: We contribute to the positive evolution of our food systems and the foodservice industry. Our teams design forward-thinking solutions that enhance the dining experience, promote sustainability, and meet evolving customer preferences.
  • Cutting-Edge Approach: We use technology, culinary techniques, and ingredient sourcing practices as catalysts to develop innovative menu offerings that excite and inspire our customers.
  • Continuous Improvement: We embrace progress and innovation in the kitchen, in our operational processes, supply chain management, and sustainability initiatives.

Chef and farmer looking at crop

Guided by Responsible Practices.

  • Stewardship and Accountability: We recognize our responsibility to the people we serve, to our communities, the planet, and future generations. We are dedicated to sustainable practices, ethical sourcing, and responsible production methods.
  • Transparency and Integrity: Our team prioritizes transparency and traceability in our ingredient sourcing, purchasing responsibly and locally whenever possible. We partner with suppliers who share our values and commitments.
  • Diverting and Reducing Waste: Minimizing food waste both pre- and post-production is critical. We support initiatives that promote food security and access to nutritious meals for all.

By crafting meaningful food experiences, embracing innovation, and upholding ethical standards in all aspects of our operations, we enrich the lives of our guests, our team members, our communities, and our planet.