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Social & Environmental Responsibility

Doing good - for you - for the planet

We believe in DOING GOOD.

The people at Elior North America are committed to doing good. This means that alongside serving healthy, delicious food, we take our responsibility seriously to make a positive impact on our communities and our environment.

We believe that when we focus on doing good in areas of food, wellness, people, and our planet, our team members can feel good about what they do and the people we serve will feel good about what they eat. Millions of Americans across the country eat or work with us every day, which means we have millions and millions of reasons to make a difference.

So simply put, we are doing good. Good for you, for the planet, and for everyone’s future.

Good Ambitions

Whether the efforts are big or small, every one of us can do good things today to make tomorrow a little better.



Taking care of our team members and those we serve means encouraging healthy minds and bodies. We share valuable wellness and nutrition expertise alongside menus with wholesome foods to support everyone’s health and well-being.



We believe you should feel good about what you eat. Through responsible, ethical sourcing and production methods that are kind to the environment, we continue to increase the sustainability and quality of our ingredients and packaging.



Reducing harmful food waste and carbon emissions is not an option, it is an absolute. We continue to do better every day through well-informed kitchen practices, food recovery programs, resource conservation, and a focus on renewable energy sources.



We value the strength of our communities and the wonderful diversity of the people in them. It is the care for each other matched with each person’s unique experiences, backgrounds and ideas that strengthen us and make us all better.

Diverse Suppliers

Elior North America is proud to partner with diverse suppliers nationally and in our local communities that share our commitment to responsible actions and practices. We make sure our relationships with these suppliers are transparent and collaborative to ensure we can positively impact our clients, communities, team members and people that we serve each day.

Become an Elior supply partner

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Responsible Sourcing Charter

Partnering with suppliers who share our values is important to us and to Elior teams around the world. Read Elior Group's global Responsible Sourcing Charter.

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Sustainable Ingredients

Our teams look to source product that is grown, raised, or produced with as positive of an environmental and social impact as possible. This means a focus on locally grown products, sustainably sourced seafood, coffee, and tea, products that support higher standards of animal welfare, as well as reducing use of ingredients that contribute to deforestation, single-use plastics, and other packaging that is harmful to the environment.

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