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25 Top Women in Foodservice and Hospitality: 2024 Edition

Source: 25 Top Women in Foodservice and Hospitality: 2024 Edition
Total Food Service, March 5, 2024



Women have long been a driving force in the restaurant, foodservice, and hospitality industries. Yet their contributions have not always been fully recognized or celebrated.

It is crucial to embrace the impact that women have had, and continue to have, in our industry for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, women make up a significant portion of the workforce in the restaurant food service industry.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, women account for nearly half of all employees in the industry.

This means that women play a vital role in the day-to-day operations of restaurants, from cooking and serving food to managing staff and running the business.

Despite facing challenges such as discrimination and unequal pay, women bring a unique perspective and innovative ideas to the industry.

It is crucial for us to address these issues and create a more inclusive and equitable workplace to ensure the continued success of women in the industry.

Women in foodservice are making significant impacts in various aspects, from kitchen operations to menu development and management.

Like last year’s group, what struck us as we complied our Top Women 2024 is how they are influencing the industry in a wide diversity of areas including restaurant design, equipment sales, and food distribution.

The progress made by women in the industry through their leadership and success is more evident than ever before. By sharing their inspiring stories, we can all be reminded that with hard work and determination, any goal is achievable.

Women in the foodservice industry are leading the way in innovation and driving positive change in the industry in every segment.

Our goal in recognizing these unique talents with our “annual” list is to focus on the importance of women in the restaurant and foodservice industry, their contributions, and the challenges they face and have overcome.

The current landscape has enabled women to follow paths in the industry that weren’t available in the past. Women bring a different perspective to the industry.

Doors have opened to create a path that can quickly lead to equity and management participation and success for women in the industry.

Embracing the impact of women in the restaurant food service industry is important for promoting gender equality and diversity in the workplace.

By recognizing and celebrating the achievements of women in our industry, we can inspire future generations of women to pursue careers in restaurants and food service and break down barriers that may have previously held them back.

These women have found the recipe for success!

Kelly Myers

Senior Director of Responsible Business and National Programs, Elior NA.

Kelly Myers is the Senior Director of Responsible Business and National Programs at Elior North America (ENA), where she is the voice and driving force for sustainability and marketing initiatives.

Starting as a college student intern, Kelly is continuing her now 25+ year career in the food service industry by shaping and leading ENA’s social and environmental strategies.

She has led the creation of their Social & Environmental Responsibility platform, Doing Good; she has worked to establish governance and set data-driven direction for both sustainability and organizational DE&I strategy; and she has crafted branding and marketing direction for multiple business lines and programs.

Kelly has been active in Women in Hospitality, Travel & Leisure member programming and has served as a board member for ENA on the Multicultural Foodservice and Hospitality Alliance.

She brings collaboration, forward movement, and her signature sense of humor to every interaction.