LiveWell with Traditions

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (June 1, 2022) – Elior North America has launched LiveWell with Traditions, an offering that expands the company’s expertise in serving senior nutrition meals, to provide customized, home-delivered meals for health plan, Medicare Advantage Organization (MAO) and Managed Care Organization (MCO) members.

“With our longstanding history in providing community meals, we deeply understand the impact that good nutrition makes on the physical and mental health and wellbeing of the seniors and home-bound individuals we serve. This impact is just as powerful in chronically ill and post-acute care individuals who require meals that are tailored to their dietary requirements,” said John Kirk, president of LiveWell by Traditions. “We are proud to launch LiveWell with Traditions to meet the growing need for medically-customized meals with our established expertise in delivering nutritious, home-delivered meals along with compassionate care for those we serve.”

Through its TRIO Community Meals company, Elior has been making healthy eating easy, convenient, and enjoyable for older adults for almost 50 years. As a market leader in senior nutrition meals, TRIO provides over 70 million meals to seniors across the U.S. annually. LiveWell with Traditions leverages TRIO’s trusted leadership, experience and legacy of caring service, to serve the Medicare Advantage market.

By providing tailored meals for individuals with chronic medical conditions or post-acute discharge, LiveWell with Traditions helps improve individuals’ health and significantly reduces hospital readmission and emergency room visits. Meals are designed by LiveWell’s registered dietitians to meet the specific dietary requirements of individuals, helping them maintain optimal health through enhanced nutrition.

“LiveWell with Traditions was designed with the specific needs of chronically ill and post-acute care individuals in mind,” said Olivier Poirot, president and CEO of Elior North America. “Our team’s proven track record of success serving individuals with unique dietary needs will ensure that individuals receive the precise nutrition and caring service they deserve at a good value to providers.”

Individuals receive reliable, to-the-door meal delivery of nutritionally balanced, appealing meals that support their well-being. And medical directors, case managers, nurse practitioners, and insurance carriers can rely on LiveWell’s high-touch service and high consumer satisfaction marks.

Providers and individuals can learn more about LiveWell with Traditions meals, service offerings, and more by visiting


About LiveWell with Traditions

LiveWell with Traditions provides home delivery of nutritious meals—designed by registered dietitians— tailored to the dietary needs of individuals with certain chronic health conditions, helping them maintain optimal health through better nutrition. LiveWell with Traditions also provides meals to health plan members during their post-acute discharge period.

The company’s direct-to-door delivery ensures that health plan members receive the meals that medical directors, case managers and discharge teams expect—with friendly service that exceeds expectations. That excellent service—from intake through meal delivery, coupled with the superior quality of our food—contributes to high customer satisfaction ratings for patients’ meal benefits. To learn more about LiveWell with Traditions, visit  


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