Elior North America’s high-end contract catering division, Starr Catering Group (SCG) partnered with CNN to cater the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. The company partnered with top-notch local businesses in Cleveland, OH and Philadelphia, PA to create unique and unparalleled dining experiences for CNN staff and its many guests during its coverage of the national conventions. Every four years, CNN sends numerous stars, anchors, commentators and support staff for non-stop coverage of the conventions, which ultimately determine the presidential candidates of the two major American political parties. For eight days during July in Cleveland and then Philadelphia, the CNN Grill – a home base for pop-up restaurants, bars and studios – covered the conventions and then provided a place for staff, anchors and guests to connect and relax with a meal, snack or a drink prepared by Starr Catering. SCG created a unique dining experience with local flavors by partnering with Pierogies of Cleveland during the Republican convention, which popularized pierogis, a savory Polish specialty associated with this great Ohio city. And to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth, the CNN Grill featured Mitchell’s Ice Cream in Cleveland and Little Baby’s Ice Cream in Philadelphia to offer locally-made ice cream.

Since both conventions have ended, the SCG team has received some great media coverage. Click here to below to read more: