Rescue Recipe Throwdown

Elior North America launched the Rescue Recipe Throwdown in honor of Earth day in April, a contest that calls on chefs from across our family of companies to create recipes from food that could have been destined for the landfill.

We’re proud to announce our monthly winners for July: first place was awarded to Chef Rachel Klosterman from Aladdin Campus Dining for her recipe for Pickled Watermelon Rind recipe.

Our teams actively fight against food waste in their units every day, but with the Rescue Recipes Throwdown, Chef Paul Basciano, VP of Culinary Development at Elior North America, wanted to promote a food-waste-mitigation philosophy that encourages outside-the-box thinking about ingredient full use, yield and repurposing.

“The recipe for the month of July that best prescribed to this philosophy is Aladdin’s Rachel Klosterman’s pickled watermelon rind. Rachel embraced the true core of the program by gaining maximum yield from one of the lowest-yielding fruits on the planet!”

Each month through September 2021, one creative chef will win a grand prize of a $500 Hubert gift card to spice up their kitchen. Additionally, two talented chefs will each win a runner-up prize of a $250 Hubert gift card per month.

Recipes must feature rescued ingredients and will be judged on taste, visual appeal, creativity, and use of rescued ingredients.

Our second-place winner is Chef Chris Caracciolo from Aladdin Campus Dining, for his S’mores Bread Pudding recipe, and our third-place winner is Chef Crystal Jennings from Aladdin Campus Dining for her Sweet Potato Petal recipe.

Congratulations to our winners! Check back here every month to see our latest winning recipes and their chefs!